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Mix UK have always produced environmentally friendly products, well before the subject was a front page topic.

The use of Mix products ensures:

  • lower transport costs
  • less waste packaging
  • cement savings
  • less water consumption
  • energy savings due to less mechanical mixing required

With the increasing awareness worldwide of the environmental issues facing us all, Mix UK have produced PMP sachets in a water-soluble sachet. This reduces the waste packaging almost completely, as the outer sachet simply dissolves in the mortar mix. Soluble sachets also ensure precise dosing and eliminate the need for handling of the product, thus ensuring improved health and safety for the operatives.

It is estimated that 4 tonne of waste packaging from PMP sachets goes into UK landfill every month.

The use of Mix DH soluble sachets will eliminate this waste completely. Mix DH soluble are packed in cardboard boxes which can be recycled.

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